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Digital Analytics 
& Services

Kratzen Partners is a global technology services provider that's making the internet a better place by discovering, collecting, and analyzing internet data and relieving operating burdens of the worlds leading corporations and institutions. 

Our Services

Best in class performance delivered through scalable architecture to meet your evolving needs, from the market to the server room.

Data Extraction

Web data extraction can be a hassle and it is tough to get the data you need, the way you need it. Let us build your ideal data feed.

Managed IT Services

Take advantage of our years of network uptime engineering system operation and design experience.

Disaster Recovery

Retrieving information from derelict and compromised servers is a specialty. Post breach security auditing gratis.

Data Discovery

Hypothesis based surveillance of the worlds largest networks provides us the insight to identify value in data.

Information Retrieval

We make it easy to access the information driving your industry through manual and automated methods.

Analysis and Informatics

Drowning in your data lake? Let us throw you a life saver. Our custom. machine learning models can give you an edge.

Our Services


“The website data analytics and IT infrastructure services from Kratzen Partners were thorough and cost effective.”

Jason Strauss
Associate Vice President, Diageo Brands

Ready to find out more?

Kratzen will change the way you manage, design and implement your marketing and operating strategies with data driven performance.

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