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Your Data. Your Way


A holistic enterprise data approach


We know that enterprise data management and distribution can be challenging and resource intensive, especially when different applications have different data needs. But a streamlined approach to enterprise data management can enable you to optimise the value of your data, minimise total cost of ownership, simplify data governance and ensure regulatory compliance.  

Our approach is to offer end-to-end data distribution architectures, from on-premise data platforms to fully managed services and data delivery in the cloud. Our solutions enable you to better integrate and distribute data, manage governance and reporting and ensure a truly global and holistic approach to your enterprise.

Data integration & distribution

Easily connect data across the enterprise

Our data management and delivery capabilities include the critical components necessary for data integration and distribution at the enterprise level. These include technologies, data models and symbology that simplify data mapping, data access controls that fulfills your exchange compliance requirements, internal and external publishing services, as well as real-time monitoring and reporting capabilities that support cost and service management. 

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